hivWhat You Can Learn From Charlie Sheen’s Story

You may have heard the frenzy about Charlie Sheen in the media in the last few months. Charlie Sheen revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV 4 years ago. Making matters more complicated, Sheen is battling substance abuse.

Check out this article from Dr. Oz about what we can learn from Charlie Sheen’s story. The takeaway? Dr. Oz says the most important thing to remember is to never go off of your medications.

For more information and help regarding HIV, visit the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH) at

Dr. Oz also discusses depression and health. Taking care of not just our body but also our minds is important for our well-being. As a heart surgeon, Dr. Oz expresses that he has witnessed many cases where depression gets to people, reminding him of the importance of taking care of the mind.

What we can Learn from Charlie Sheen, Antiaging CentraHandle stress by exercising regularly, surrounding yourself with loved ones, doing fun activities you enjoy and remembering to relax.

To see the full article from Dr. Oz, click here. 

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