Is it possible that seniors who use calcium supplements could be at a higher risk for Dementia?

We want to take care of our bones. As we age, we especially want to ward off any threat of Osteoporosis, the frail bone disease.

Since it’s just not possible to get the required amount of calcium from food sources, calcium supplements are the first line of defense against Osteoporosis. But are there any drawbacks as a result of the extended use of calcium supplements?

Calcium can Disrupt Membrane Function

Calcium ion influx activates enzymes that degrade important proteins and disrupt membrane function. That’s because of calcium’s role in cell death. However, that doesn’t mean calcium supplements cause Dementia. A number of trials have reported no association between calcium intake and a greater risk of vascular problems.

In fact, calcium supplements may help to protect the body from vascular problems. Still, as detrimental to brain health as it is, the disruption of membrane function should be addressed.

Supports Prevention of Dementia

As we know, we must receive adequate blood flow and oxygen to the brain to keep it healthy. So, although it’s important to supplement calcium to ward off Osteoporosis, it’s equally important to maintain membrane function.
Piracetam increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Used in tandem with Centrophenoxine, overall brain health can be enhanced effectively.

Since there is some concern that calcium supplements may inadvertently disrupt membrane function, it’s wise to take preventative action with effective antioxidants and mood enhancers for the brain.

Two nootropics working together can compound their powerful ingredients to achieve fast results, enhancing focus, improving mood and memory, and removing toxins that could eventually lead to Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia, if not addressed.

Why take chances with your brain?

The wise route to take is with Centrophenoxine and Piracetam, nootropics that have been tried and proven successful in promoting optimum brain health.


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