Cardiovascular DiseaseWinter is the Season for Cardiovascular Disease

Serrapeptase Can Clear The Plaque From Your Arteries

Winter is the season for a lot of things. There is a clear seasonal trend of cardiovascular diseases. And, the highest incidents occur during the colder winter months. This is according to an article by Auda Fares for the US National Library of Medicine. This phenomenon likely contributes to the higher numbers of deaths occurring in winter. [the_ad id=”946″] However, the underlying reasons for the correlation are not clearly understood.

Plaque can lead to hardening of the arteries, according to WebMD. Most noteworthy, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in America.   The Serrapeptase enzyme has helped patients in Asia and Europe for over twenty years. If you feel like you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease, consider making Serrapeptase part of your healthy aging plan. In conclusion, this is the fall which means, winter is on the way.

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